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Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Road
Iver Heath Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH
+44 1753 656 124

Pinewood Studios

Filming in the UK

It’s not just the world class facilities, experience and expertise of our Studios that have brought so many international productions to the UK. Competitive costs, talented performers, a diverse array of accessible locations and attractive tax breaks all contribute in attracting filmmakers time and time again.

Pinewood and Shepperton studios offer the best facilities for film making in the UK.

Over the last 75 years our stages have accommodated some of film's most ambitious sets and played home to many of the silver screen's most spectacular moments. With 34 stages of varying sizes, water filming facilities and backlots, no idea is too big.

Bringing your production to Pinewood or Shepperton will give you an incredible sense of security. Whether you make our studios your home for a couple of weeks or a few months you can rest assured you will be well looked after. Everything you need is either on site or close by.

Production support facilites include plasterers shops, carpenters shops, timber yards and production supplies. Also there are over 280 independently managed, specialist and complimentary production services such as camera hire and lighting companies based on the lot.

We can cater for all your production needs with our range of facilities, though we can be flexible too. Stages, back lots, tanks, an underwater stage, production offices, locations and post production facilities can all be hired individually.

Contact us on the following numbers:

Production Facilities
+44 1753 656 124 (Pinewood)
+44 1932 592 515 (Shepperton)
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