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Thomas English

Thomas English works as a cameraman with a specialty as a Steadicam Operator. He started in the moving image business at 18 making and mixing events visuals for bands and nightclubs as a visual jockey. This led to a 3 year stint at BBC documentary factual as an Avid editor and cameraman where, with his visuals and motion graphics background, he gained a reputation as someone that could make something visually arresting from any material. He left the BBC 7 years ago to specialize in Steadicam, something he had already been doing for 5 years; messing about with tiny lightweight steadicam rigs to make events visuals.

Currently Thomas English is available for Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos, and Television work. He prides himself on speed and efficiency in setup and re-rig and de-rig times.

Thomas English; At your service.

Please email me on:
studio (at) thomasenglish.co.uk Call me on +44 (0) 7970 025 389
Call Suz Cruz on +44 (0) 1932 252 577

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