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Steadi Facilities, Jason Torbitt

+44 (0)800 689 9866
Steadi Facilities is a specialist camera support company, owned by Jason Torbitt - a Steadicam and Jimmy Jib Owner-Operator, Lighting Cameraman and Camera Operator working across Television, Film and Corporate productions, based in Manchester and London, UK.

With over 7 years of experience in the industry, Jason has steadily built up a reputation for his high quality of work, stamina, enthusiasm and professionalism. Jason works throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. He has worked in most European countries, and is well experienced travelling and flying with equipment. Owner of two Steadicam rigs, a Jimmy Jib kit, two RF Camera Links and extensive camera support and accessory kit, Jason works across all genres of Television, Film and Corporate production, on a variety of formats including Broadcast, Film, HD, 3D, Digital and Tape.

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