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Extreme Locations Rigging

Pinewood Road
Iver Heath Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH
+44 [0] 1753 785815
Advanced rigging, wire work, flying, specialist location management and safety

Extreme Locations provides a wide range of specialist services for the Film, TV, video, TV commercial and entertainment industry.
From the film studio to mountain top locations in complete safety.

We find and make safe unusual locations in difficult places cliff tops and roof tops and water based locations are a speciality.

We provide wire work, access and safety for film crew, actors contestants and stunt men allowing action and all related work to go ahead in complete safety.

In the most spectacular and exposed locations we will ensure your production runs smoothly and safely.

We also more conventionally rig props, truss, scaffolding for camera and lighting & art departments.

We design and build custom games for game shows, flying systems and manufacture of set and props for rigging.

Rigging crew database all highly insured, experienced, skilled, qualified and 100% professional.

We pride our selves on calm, safe and friendly work ethics with careful planning to allow efficient fast filming to take place in extreme and unusual locations.

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