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History of Fluidmoves

Fluidmoves was conceptualised throughout 2007 during filming by a team working with Alpha Productions. The team required a number of different rigs for a variety of edits, from staying with the action in downhill mountain biking to filming music promos.

The Fluidmoves company formed in 2008 to create 21st century camera rigs. Our aim is to bring high budget equipment to an affordable level for all productions. The two founding members, Rob Hayter and Paul Cave have combined experience of over 50 years, working with the very latest technology.

The Directors
Paul Cave - Director Cameraman
Paul Cave has over 30 years of experience in filming for national television. Paul's forward thinking ideas for specialist filming rigs is the drive behind Fluidmoves products.

Rob Hayter - Producer Cameraman
Rob Hayter has over 20 years of experience in Television production, specialising in Extreme Sports coverage for national television. Recently, Rob's interest in filming has led to the development of next generation Camera rigs to keep up with the action in all fields.

Fluidmoves Productions Ltd.
Fast Helicopter Building
Hangar 4
Cecil Pashley Way
Shoreham Airport
Shoreham by Sea
West Sussex,
BN43 5FF
United Kingdom

Rob Hayter phone 07710 941730

Paul Cave phone 07850 314379

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