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Aiken Weiss, SOC

(310) 874 5717
If you are looking for a camera/steadicam operator right now or not, either way, you found one.

No, really, the situation may come up that you need one. Maybe you are looking right now?! In any case, its always good to have another name in your folder just in case.

We all know that most crew members are hired based on recommendations, experience, as well as the location of the shoot.

Ok then. I have been a camera operator for nearly two decades and I have the resume to back it up. Through family ties and other circumstances I am also German (fluent in every sense) and Canadian (member of IATSE 669) resident, which allows me to work on a variety of locations in- and outside the US.

Regarding recommendations - The numerous testimonials from well-known D.P.s, Directors, Producers etc. on my website speak for themselves.

Take a minute and check out my web site (www.happycamera.com) where you can find all that information about me and more - like my show reel.

And if you are looking for environmental inspiration, you find some at: http://www.happycamera.com/green_stuff.html

I hope you like what you see and we have a chance to work together on your recent film and/or another project in the future.

(310) 874 5717

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