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Production Coordinator

The film and video production manager controls and manages the flow of information between the various components of a film project to provide all the required components within the time frame needed.

This means that the production coordinator makes sure all necessary equipment and materials are on site at the right times, that staff and crews are in place and have everything they need to work, actors and actresses have their contracts signed and are on site, and all accommodations for the crew and cast are provided.

Most of the film and video production coordinators responsibilities will involved ordering and confirming all the materials and personnel that are required at the various locations that a film or video may be created. Since many films and videos are filmed on location, this means the production coordinator is responsible for getting all the equipment even to remove locations, booking lodgings, providing food services and even ensuring that specific items are provided for cast and crew as requested.

Most production coordinators have a background in film, theatre or acting as well as have completed an internship to learn the details of the career. Above average communication skills in both written and verbal form is very important for a production coordinator. An ability to work on several details of a project at the same time while still coordinating the big picture is a definite must for the professional in this field. Attention to detail as well as creativity and flexibility is also an asset.

Common work activities include:
* Communicating on a daily or even hourly basis with production managers, directors, staff and agents to ensure everything is prepared for filming.
* Meeting with outside vendors, artists, actors and other professionals, getting signed contracts and clearly outlining expectations, dates and services required.
* Planning, organizing and arranging the movement of cast, crew, equipment and supplies to the various filming locations.
* Coordinating information from various remote filming locations to coordinate with each other when required.
* Responding to problems and issues as they develop during the filming of the project and anticipating and solving any issues with regards to equipment, personnel or supplies before they become problematic.
* Troubleshooting issues with regards to contracts, script revisions, understanding of agreements as well as resolving conflicts in a productive and acceptable manner for all involved.

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