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Location Assistants Job Description

You'll need to be a team player as well as a self starter with the ability to communicate effectively with crew, artists and the public. Youll need to have a demonstrable interest in location finding work and logistics.

Location Assistant Training Profile

Working Times: The nature of production means that flexibility is often needed when compiling schedules and on occasions staff will be expected to work for long hours over concentrated periods of time.

You need to be aware that you may be required to work up to 14 hours/day including weekends. This will sometimes be balanced by shorter days and/or compensatory leave.

The Locations Department
The Locations Department role is to imagine, find and clear a location which will suit the needs and vision of the script, director and the production. The department is then responsible for the logistics on location.

Key Responsibilities

The successful assistant will assist the Locations Department staff with the logistics of filming on location. This may include the planning and organisation during the pre-production and production stages. The individual must be a good communicator.

* Initial letter drops informing the public.
* Assisting with gaining access and obtaining access to sites.
* Providing detailed directions and parking locations for rest of production team.
* Dealing with members of the public.
* Sourcing local water supplies.
* Sourcing local rubbish sites.
* Clearing up making sure the location is left as it was found.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required
* Ability to plan and organise work, assessing priorities to ensure deadlines are met.
* Demonstrable enthusiasm to learn and acquire new skills.
* Excellent communication skills and ability to deal tactfully and diplomatically with artists, crew and the public.
* Ability to work without close supervision.
* Ability to work as part of a team, under direction as necessary.
* Able to remain calm in pressurised situations.
* Ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure to constantly changing deadlines.
* Evidence of good interpersonal skills.
* An approach to work which demonstrates self-motivation and reliability.
* An awareness of the diverse nature of our audiences and a commitment to diversity in the workplace.

Health And Safety Responsibilities
Following appropriate training to undertake all duties and activities in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation.
* The placement will be structured to work with and support all areas of the department, there may also be the opportunity to gain some experience outside of these departments. During the whole placement the individual will be supernumerary, and in receipt of continuous on the job training and shadowing opportunities.
* In addition to the above, the assistant will receive specific industry training and personal skill development.

We hope that by the end of the placement the individual will have gained specific knowledge, experience and competences in the following areas:
* A comprehensive understanding of the department and the roles within that department.
* Gained knowledge and developed a basic understanding of the different processes and activities relating to TV production.
* Improved industry contacts and networking knowledge.
* Improved understanding of career pathways and the diverse regional support available to media new entrants.
* Industry experience.
* Clear understanding of existing and emerging training needs.
Am I Eligible?
* As a minimum you must be 18 years of age or over when the placement starts.
* Due to funding restrictions we are unable to support anyone who is currently in full time education.
* You must be available for the full traineeship period.
* As a minimum we will expect individuals to demonstrate at least three months relevant industry experience (gained outside of formal education, perhaps through paid or voluntary work).

Make Your Application Stand Out
* Read the trainee/job advert in-depth and make sure that you're clear about what skills are needed.
* Be clear on what has attracted you to apply for the position.
* State how your experience is relevant.
* State how your skills match the job requirements, and give examples.
* Demonstrate any transferable skills that you have which are relevant.
* Fill in every section - even if it means putting 'not applicable.'
* Check and double-check for spelling mistakes and errors.
* Clearly communicate your skills, qualities and experience.
* Make yourself sound positive and enthusiastic.
* Be honest - can you back up your claims in an interview?.
* Take a copy of the form to refer to before an interview.
* Submit the form before the deadline.

Taken from a job description for a trainee Assistants vacancy.

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