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The Wychwood Stud, Salden, Mursley
Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK17 0HX
01296 720854
We have over 70 horses, each highly trained in various stunts, and each with their own character and performance level. If you want a horse to perform an intricate action scene, or just a stunning horse to carry your main actor on screen, we can provide a fully trained profession horse of any breed, size or colour.

We offer a variety of shows, and our main performances are Cossack, Wild West, Jousting, and Chariots. We can provide all of the horses, equipment, costumes, and necessary staff for such events, and are willing to adapt in any way required, such as changing the timing or format of a show.

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Net Her Cal:
2012-12-06 13:07:58
Looking forward to the action packed xmas show from these guys

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