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Box Office Mojo

Sep 20, 2013 |
Top 60 U.S. feature films for weekend, international weekend box office by country. All-time top grossing pictures and weekends, best single days and opening days. Actors and actresses rated by ... Read more

Box Office Guru

Sep 20, 2013 |
Database of box office statistics on motion pictures released from 1989 to the present, plus weekend preview and review. International grosses, monthly averages, all-time blockbusters. ... Read more

The Numbers

Sep 20, 2013 |
Provides weekly, daily, and weekend box office data as well as box office totals for currently playing films worldwide. ... Read more

Worldwide Box Office

Sep 20, 2013 |
Domestic, overseas, and worldwide grosses of films released from 1900 to the present. ... Read more

BBC Film Network

Jun 10, 2009 |
Film Network is a showcase and community for up-and-coming UK filmmakers. ... Read more