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Construction Managers

The constructions managers job is to realise the production designers ideas by translating them into a film set.
The constructions managers job is to realise the production designers ideas by translating them into a film set.

Having a positive approach to the design that you are to build is of paramount importance. Ensure that the designer has finalised their ideas before beginning as any design change will incur costs and take more time. It is you, not the designer who will be remembered for going over budget or schedule, so you may need to sit on a procrastinating designer. It's imperative that you have regular meetings with the designer, just in case there are changes.

If you are building AND managing make sure you can occasionally step back to review progress at least twice a day.

Check that you have sourced the best price for materials and be sure to order it yourself. Keep records in a planning book from day one. Make sure that materials are delivered on time as a construction crew sitting around doing nothing is a frustrating waste.

Companies that will deliver screws and fittings, such as SCREWFIX, to your site the next day are invaluable.

People skills are important. Saying things such as please and thank you and making sure people are fed and having adequate breaks is crucial, particularly when you want them to go the extra mile when you are up against it. To avoid dissent, lead from the front, be prepared to sweep up and make tea. Remember, most of the time, construction is hard manual labour. You will always be pressed to finish things as fast as you can, especially if the same set is to be dressed for a completely different look for different scenes. If you are tight for time, be positive. Remember, no department has enough time to finish their job, you are not being singled out.

The John Maher Film Construction Company Ltd

Jun 10, 2009 |
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH
01753 654157
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Apr 25, 2010 |
13 Moon Street E
07528 098 516
1. Katherine of Alexandria (2011) (filming) (stand-by carpenter) 2. Cuckoo (2009) (construction manager) 3. "City of Vice" (construction manager) (5 episodes, 2008) - Episode ... Read more