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Production Coordinator

One of the most demanding jobs on a production, a typical job description would include:

Must be able to multi-task and possess excellent time management skills in a very fluid environment
Must be highly pro-active and thorough
Candidates must be exceptionally smart, organized, detail- oriented
Must have superior communication skills, mastery of standard computer applications, creativity, and the ability to take initiative when appropriate
Independent, self-starter with experience in all stages of the project development
Ability to work well with others, especially under tight deadlines
Must be able to sit, type and read for extended periods of time

Sam Knox-Johnston

Oct 21, 2008 |
Very experienced Coordinator available for work on all types of productions in the UK and Abroad. Contact: sam.knoxjohnston@virgin.net ... Read more

Production Coordinator

Jan 1, 2010 |
The film and video production manager controls and manages the flow of information between the various components of a film project to provide all the required components within the time frame needed ... Read more