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Make Up and Hair Dept

Make Up Artists & Designers available for work in the UK Film Industry.
Increased multi-skilling in the UK film and television industries has meant that personnel are required to be proficient in both make-up and hair, and the departments are often merged.

Make Up and Hair Designers' responsibilities vary depending on production needs.

The Make up and Hair departments may be combined, with a Make-up and Hair Designer in charge; or they may be separate with a Chief Make-up Artist and a Chief Hairdresser controlling their respective sections. On larger film productions two or more units may work simultaneously, with Chiefs overseeing hair and/or make-up on each unit and the Designer in overall control.

A team of Make-up/Hair Artists and Assistants are usually employed in the department, and there may also be Trainee positions.

Make-up and Hair Designers work closely with, or may also take on the role of, Personal Make-up Artists and Hairdressers, working exclusively on particular (usually principal) performers.